Photographer in Istanbul catches two strays purring together, creating beautiful works of art that radiate warmth and love.

Orin is just your typical Californian who has seen the globe. He has always had a soft spot for felines and hopes to adopt one (or a doggo) one day, but his nomadic lifestyle makes that unlikely any time soon.

Since he gets bored easily on the road, he constantly wishes he could play with some strays; however, most strays are scared of people. When he arrived in Turkey for a two-week sightseeing tour,

he was taken aback by the number of cute cats he saw roaming the streets and cafés and by how aggressively friendly they were. A cute cat would come racing up to him if he waited there for a while,

And then another would follow shortly after. He thinks it says something about the generosity of the Turkish people that they’ve taken it upon themselves to feed and shelter these cute critters.

One day, when he was taking a walk along the Bos phorus Canal, he saw something he had never seen before: two beautiful cats snuggled up together. He’s never seen such strange behavior

When an aging cat finds a loving home, it fills us with joy.

A scared cat with wounds on its hand perseveres, touching the hearts of all who sees it because of its unyielding resolve to live.