Baby children A 8-month-old baby girl establishes a world record by attaining 17 kilograms in weight.

Chahad began requesting food constantly at the age of four months, causing his body to become obese rapidly.

Concerned about Chahad’s health, her father brought her to the hospital for a checkup. After multiple tests, the physician concluded that the infant had “Leptin deficiency,” a disease with only 51 known cases worldwide.

This disease causes a person to constantly feel hungry and to be obese. Because of this, Chahad needed to consume constantly, causing her to become so obese that she was

unable to stand and could only recline or lie down. Chahad would weep and feel terrible for himself if not nourished, so his parents had to feed him immediately. The infant demands sustenance constantly.

A disabled mother without limbs or legs still provides the best for her infant despite her flaws.

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