Finally, a dog kept on such a short leash that she couldn’t even rest her head is rescued.

Cala was bred as a security dog by a mechanic residing near San José, Costa Rica. However, the mechanic rarely fed Cala and did not take her to the table when she was sick.

Cala’s health deteriorated, and she labored to keep her head above water. She even began having difficulty inhaling. Cala was going to perish if hel didn’t come quickly.

Thankfully, Cala’s neighbors contacted local authorities and the staff at Territri de Zaguates, a local dog sanctuary that caters fr hundreds of dogs.

Lya Battle, the founder of Territorio de Zaguates, said, “I felt dreadfully sad and frustrated.” “The first image I saw of her depicted a beautiful creature stripped of its dignity and ready to give up — a dog whose spirit had been stolen and who was just waiting for the end to come while living an endless nightmare.”

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