This cat finds profound joy in having a couch to sleep on after years of dwelling beneath a staircase.

A cat is ecstatic to have a sofa to slumber on after years of surviving on the streets and under a staircase.

A homeless tabby cat had been traversing the streets of Montreal for many years, enduring many severe Canadian winters.

A gentleman observed the furtive cat and began daily feeding him. Under the staircase, he constructed an improvised cabin for the cat, which it claimed as its residence for some time.

Concerned citizen Karoline observed a distressed cat lying on the ground next to the staircase. As she approached him, he fled in terror.

“She found his nook beneath the stairs. There were numerous insects and a pungent odor, as Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins in Montreal told Love Meow.

A feline that was previously discovered outside is now accompanied by a dog that provides caresses whenever necessary.

A woman entered the animal shelter and was greeted by a cat with an incredibly asymmetrical visage that was staring at her in an odd manner.