A parent who was skeptical about getting a dog now lovingly tucks her into bed every night, celebrating the unconditional nature of their relationship.

Seven years ago, Rachael Rodrigues adopted Oliver, a wonderful Golden retriever puppy. She was overjoyed and a bit taken aback by the news.

She was ecstatic, but she was conflicted about what to do with him since she knew how her parents felt about dogs.

Speaking to The Dodo, Rachael said, “My parents were strongly opposed to getting a dog since we had always had cats and they were unwilling to handle the extra effort (training, walking, grooming, etc.) that comes with having a dog.”

Despite this, she brought her new pet home, and to her delight, her parents loved it.

The most lovely thing was how delighted Rachael’s father was with Oliver; there was such a strong connection between them that they immediately established a genuinely special bond.

It didn’t take long for Dad to fall in love. He carried Oliver about the home with him quite a bit. During the first week we had it,

Abandoned and alone, we came upon a dog in need and decided to assist it.

A new puppy is welcomed into the home of two dogs, and the three quickly become attached.