A Warm Gift: Tattoos for Dads Trying to Remove His Partner’s Faith by Mirroring His Own Scars

A father’s love, although nonetheless profound, sometimes evokes a different kind of emotion in its recipients than a mother’s does.

Recently, a picture of a father and daughter with matching huge wounds on their skulls began making the rounds on the international internet.It is clear from the picture

that the father’s daughter suffered from encephalopathy and had just had a rhinoplasty procedure, which had left a noticeable scar on her head. In an effort to comfort himself and remind himself of the blessings in his life,

the father shaved off a portion of his hair and drew the same scars on his scalp that his daughter had endured as a result of her battle with chronic illness and surgery.

Many mourners posted comments like “As a parent, I would rather be the only one who gets sick,” “I believe this father must be extremely heartbroken,” and “It is so touching” after seeing the picture.

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