Captivating video shows the girl’s emotional journey back to Russia, where she was born without half a face, and how surgery in the United Kingdom let her find her family again.

While Gettig was getting ready for eу, he photographed Daria in the Great Ormond Street oрta. It was anticipated that tiny Daria Shpegler would finally smile when she saw the sights of

Britai during her ey in Je.At Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, the delighted girl jmped up to her devoted waiting father Yri, 49, and began chirping excitedly about the many wonders and challenges she had

encountered on her way to Lodo.Elea, her mother, came up to me crying with joy, saying, “Yo see – she has learned to lagh.” The 49-year-old dad said, “Yo are very beautiful.”

Before her flight to London, Darina was photographed at the Moscow Domodedovo airport. Snapshot of Valeria Sukhova

Lena and Darina Shpengler are heading to Great Ormond street hospita for Darina;s surgery

Your heart will melt at her doll-like features and innocent stare.

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