At the age of 17, she is a mother to seven children with no support from her family – her remarkable journey

Young moms are frequently stigmatized by society, regardless of their circumstances. Fortunately, there are still people that assist women who are in a terrible circumstance. Pamela Villaruel of Leone, Argentina,

is one of these women. She’s only 17 years old, yet she’s already had seven children: a boy and six girls. And she’s parenting them alone because she doesn’t have a husband.

She had her first child when he was just 14 years old, but the man abandoned Pamela with the infant in his arms. This seemed to be a lesson for the girl,

but she met someone else and became pregnant again. God sent her triplets this time! The newly-created father then made his legs. You might assume that four children is plenty, but not for Pamela.

Pamela quickly sought a new lover, as if she needed to prove to herself that she was still in shape. As a result, there was a fresh pregnancy!

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