This once homeless, cross-eyed cat has found a forever family.

All of my pets were originally shelter or street cats, and I have zero regrets about it. I now find it impossible to picture my life without them.

This is why I find tales of rescue and adoption so heartwarming; I always know that everyone involved will end up happy than they could have imagined. Another one to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Once upon a time, a lady saw something special in a lovely cross-eyed cat who had been left for dead at an animal shelter.

In the beginning… Beautiful and endearing, Belarus is a long-haired gray cat with crossed eyes.

He had a wonderful life in San Francisco until his family had to relocate and could no longer take him with them. I would never be able to uproot my kitties and relocate. Those that really want to will find a way, I’m sure of it!

The Third Time’s a Charm for This Cat That Was Left Behind Twice

Two adorable kittens are rescued by a police officer, and they won’t stop snuggling with him.