A man who has been seeking for his missing dog for four years eventually tracks him down.

In 2016, Michael Joy suffered the unimaginable trauma of losing his three beloved canines to elopement and disappearance.Michael’s heart was torn apart when two of the dogs returned home, but Sam, a 4-month-old Lab cross, was nowhere to be seen.

Michael searched far and low, from animal shelters to abandoned buildings, for his beloved pet Sam. He was resolved to fulfill his vow to his wife: “Hey, I’m going to find this puppy.” Michael refused to lose up hope and vigilantly checked shelter websites.

The Joys finally moved to Kentucky, but Sam’s absence just strengthened their conviction that he was still alive. Michael’s devotion to finding Sam led him to make repeated trips back to the house

they shared in Georgia.It’s been over five years, and Sam is still nowhere to be found. Then, out of the blue, City Dogs Cleveland called, and that was it.

“She goes, ‘We have Sam,'” Michael said, still trying to get his head around the unbelievable development. “I’m thinking, ‘This can’t be the same Sam!,'” he said. Ohio, you’re so close to Michigan!

After being submerged for almost 11 hours, the dog finally located his owner and saved him.

Pit bull is caught on a bridge, and passing cyclists decide to turn around and go save the dog.