A lone trucker and a stray cat form an unbreakable friendship, despite the odds.

Paul Robertson has been a long-haul truck driver for a long time. Although he enjoys his work, he sometimes finds himself lonely when out on the road in the truck.

Thankfully, Paul has Howie, an adoptive cat who often travels with him. For several years prior to Howie’s death in 2017, they were inseparable traveling companions.

Paul, still grieving the death of his cat, kept a look out for another animal companion. While there, he met a ginger cat called Percy, who was adopted from an animal shelter.

When Paul first laid eyes on him, he knew he would make the ideal friend despite his wounds, ripped ear, and missing teeth.

The life of Percy had not been simple. Before his rescue, he had been surviving on the streets. Despite his troubled past, Percy was a caring and affectionate cat. He became fast friends with Paul, who eventually adopted him.

A stray cat’s undying love and loyalty shines through as she bravely protects her cubs from the rain until help arrives.

When an aging cat finds a loving home, it fills us with joy.