Foster family saves the life of a puppy who was found buried on the seashore.

A dog was miraculously saved from a terrible situation on a peaceful beach in Oahu, Hawaii. The story was stunning and heartbreaking.  Many people’s lives were affected by the violence and kindness shown in this heartbreaking story.

The dog was found shaking and in obvious discomfort on a beach in West Oahu. Aside from being swollen and terribly dehydrated, she was also covered in painful sores and had lost most of her fur

The terrible situation that the dog, now named Leialoha, was in was highlighted on PAWS of Hawaii’s Facebook page.

The tragic ending is compounded by the revelation that her own owner buried her alive while brandishing a machete.

Every day, the canine shopper takes a leaf to the store to purchase his favorite delicacies.

A retired nurse opens a home for stray and terminally ill animals.