A stray kitten and her siblings found a home with a farming family.

Two weeks ago, a Canadian family was in for a big surprise when they came upon three kittens playing on a farm.

Sylvie saw a stray kitten exploring the land, but it turned out to have company. Two other kittens were following on her heels. She quickly dialed her daughter Vicky’s number to ask for assistance.

The kittens, like dogged little ducklings, swam straight to the adults as soon as they noticed them approaching. They meowed incessantly, as if pleading for food and human companionship.

They would try to climb up their owners’ shoulders and get into their laps. Vicky searched all about for additional kittens, but there weren’t any to be found.

The family opted to wait for the cat mother to return since they realized the kittens were quite young. There was no trace of her after several hours. To keep the kittens safe, they took them inside the farm.

A scared cat with wounds on its hand perseveres, touching the hearts of all who sees it because of its unyielding resolve to live.

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