abandoned kitten clings to her rescuers after being found in the field.

Little furballs without parental care face a harsh world. Luckily, destiny had other plans for her, and she ended up making a great companion who changed her in ways she could never have predicted.

Malia, a regular mother who wasn’t planning on saving kittens, was in New York City to see her son play baseball.

She had no idea that her normal day was about to take a turn for the exceptional. The crowd’s usual commotion was abruptly tinged with shock and anxiety. The kittens in the litter needed a savior badly.

Without a mother’s protective care, these kittens were helpless. Time was of the essence. Malia and her husband dove in and rescued the helpless kittens, bringing them to Sunny, a local animal rescuer.

A massive rescue effort is launched to save a kitten trapped in a deep sewer: a final, desperate attempt proves to be the key to success.

The Third Time’s a Charm for This Cat That Was Left Behind Twice