The devoted dog never abandoned her five helpless puppies, even when they were freezing and hungry.

A mother dog named Celeste has gone viral all around the world for her inspiring tale. Celeste was pregnant when she was two and left on the streets

, where she had to give birth and try to make a living. Celeste tried her best to take care of her five pups despite her difficult conditions.

Celeste and her pups suffered from malnutrition as a result of their life on the streets. Elaine, Celeste’s foster mom, said that despite the terrible winter conditions,

Celeste still made feeding her puppies her first priority. Celeste made sure her babies were healthy, despite the fact that she was starving.

The BC SPCA’s discovery that Celeste will forego eating in order to provide for her young exemplifies the lengths to which she goes to protect them.

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