Little Kitten Rests With His German Shepherd Friend’s Best Protection

last month two kittens were found in a New York yard about 10 to 12 weeks old very frightened they did not come close to people Rescuers set up several Humane traps hoping to help the kittens after

several attempts the babies were caught separately and brought to the municipal shelter overexposure volunteer Asia Having learned about this did not stand aside

offered her services and her seven-year-old dog Kona was looking forward to the arrival of new pupils Kona has been missing her kittens for several days now after her last words left for the new family we watched baby

Kona moping for days and finally managed to cheer her up upon the arrival of the tabby kitten named Blair we understood

she had little human contact in her life and had no desire to start and it was Kona who knew exactly what the kitten needed Kona touched the carrier with her pause and eagerly wanted to meet the

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