A Heart-Wrenching Tale Of A Frightened Orphan Puppy Desperately Hiding From The World

In this moving story, a young, terrified puppy has been abandoned and left to fend for herself. The unfortunate puppy is so emaciated that the string carrying her identification tag is unfastened

around her neck, and she has wrapped it around a pipe while attempting to conceal from the world. Despite her terror, the dog is not restrained and could flee if she so desired. However,

her trauma and underlying anxiety prevent her from trusting anyone. Even though the volunteer who recorded this video is kind and compassionate, the puppy is incapable of making friends or accepting assistance.

Despite working a grueling 10-hour schedule at her regular employment, the volunteer who captured this heart-wrenching incident does so out of compassion for animals. She would give anything to be able to connect with this terrified puppy and help her recover.

This infant and others like her have a chance because of Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers’ dedication and hard work. Please view the video below to learn the inspiring tale of this courageous puppy, and consider making a donation to support their vital work.

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