The demeanor of the dog rescued by firefighters from a heated vehicle prompts the fire director to administer a “test period”

Not a beautiful site. In East Haven, Connecticut, a terrier named Riggs experienced this identical circumstance.

But don’t fear, this tale has a happy ending, thanks to the heroic firefighters who not only rescued the dog, but also gave him a permanent home at their station!

East Haven Fire Chief Matthew Marcarelli recalls the fateful day as the 20th of August, when it was extremely hot. The National Weather Service reported that temperatures were reaching into the 80s.


“A bystander observed the dog in the car on the floor near the seat and hiding beneath the dashboard,” Marcarelli explained. Despite efforts to locate the car and dog’s proprietors on the shore, nobody came forward.

The fire department and animal control were then dispatched to the site. After breaking into the sweltering car, the rescuers discovered Riggs, a 6-month-old infant who was obviously laboring.

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