17-year-old dog adopted from shelter survives to meet his newborn sister

Regardless of your level of preparation and poise, there will always be tales that pierce your heart and have an enduring effect.

The narrative of Rocky is one of those endearing canine stories that will always have a particular place in our hearts.

We have heard a lot of dog tales throughout the years, but none quite compare to Rocky’s. He was simply one of the several elderly canines at a shelter,

about to bid the world a last farewell. However, when Beth and Michael Clark showed up at the shelter, destiny had different ideas for him and gave him a fresh start in his latter years.

Beth and Michael were a kind couple from Maryland who had always had a strong bond with rescue dogs. They gave freely of their time to visit a nearby shelter every winter, bringing warm blankets to keep the four-legged residents cozy.

In order to carry on their charitable custom, they paid a visit to Millersville, Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Animal Control in the winter of 2015. This was just before Christmas.

But when they saw Rocky, their plan took an unexpected turn. ocky was seventeen years old at the time, with gray hair covering his face and a thin build. However, Beth could not bear to think of

letting him die in a frigid, lonely cage. With a strong sense of purpose, she went to her husband and told him she wanted to bring Rocky into their house.

He immediately consented. Rocky was suddenly welcomed into a new house, and an incredible adventure started.

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