Amazing but Real: Mother Gives Birth to 7.3 kg Baby Who Fits Into Clothes for 9-Month-Olds

By cesarean section on January 18, Claydiaÿe Saÿtos dos Saÿtos gave birth to her son, Aÿdersoο, who weighed an incredible 7.3 kilograms and was 59 centimeters in length.

The newborn eclipsed the state record of 8 kg for the heaviest infant in Brazilia and narrowly missed the personal record.

The personnel, physicians, and nurses were shocked. The customary knitted caps given to neighbors couldn’t be given to her because nothing fit! Diapers, on the other hand, were another

entire story. It is a truth that a baby weighing 7.3 kg need the same amount of clothing as a baby 9 months old. He didn’t spend the whole first year!

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There is no greater gift in life than having a child after nine months and ten days of labor.