Some canines have a poor beginning to existence.

The tale of Sahari, an ostensibly aggressive shelter dog, transpires in a touching manner Upon witnessing Sahari growling and attempting to bite anyone who approached, many people would have deemed her a hopeless case.

Yet, beneath the dog’s aggressive exterior was a desperate appeal for assistance, which was recognized by a compassionate woman who saw beyond the dog’s behavioral responses to its soul.

eThe “chicken nugget trainer” is introduced.
This woman, affectionately known as the “chicken nugget trainer,” used an unconventional strategy to acquire Sahari’s trust. Instead of using conventional training methods, she simply fed Sahari chicken morsels while sitting with her.

The objective was straightforward: to establish a positive association between herself and the dog. This consistent act of compassion began to tear down the barriers that Sahari had constructed over time.

Now The Neglected Dog Has The Best Owner

We frequently hear that not all cats and canines have the stereotypical rivalry.