Girl Saves Dying Dog, Then He Informs Her It’s Time To Say (Goodbye).

Hippo, an aging, tumor-ridden homeless dog, had endured a life of privation and suffering on the streets. He was too ailing to be saved in the conventional sense

but Sophiane was determined to provide him with the finest “end of days” imaginable. She swore that Hippo would experience love before he crossed the rainbow bridge, if only for a day.

Sophiane fulfilled her pledge by adopting Hippo and welcoming him into her home after a five-day wait at the shelter. His frail body bore the wounds of a troubled existence,

and every contact caused him agony. Significant obstacles lay ahead, and Sophiane could only hope that Hippo’s remaining time would be filled with solace and happiness.

Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, has passed away.

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