In one year, she had 20 children via surrogate and pays £67,000 to a staff of 16.

Galip Ozturk, 57, the hotel owner she is now married to, and she met in Georgia on vacation.
Between March of 2020 and July of this year, they had paid over €168,000 to surrogates.

A Russian lady and her rich husband have received 21 infants via surrogacy in little over a year, and she claims she is still a “hands-on mother,” despite paying £67,700 annually on 16 nannies.

Kristina Ozturk, 24, is from Moscow. She met her future husband, Galip Ozturk, 57, while on vacation in the Georgian seaside town of Batumi. Together, they desire 105 biological children.

The pair spends $96,000 (£67,700) a year on 16 full-time nannies and €168,000 (£142,000) on surrogates between March 2020 and July of this year.

Kristina, who has a six-year-old daughter named Vika from a previous relationship and lives in the same house, said to Fabulous: “I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do.”

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