Upon watching people carrying away a kitten, the cat buried the kitten with its own paws, yet its heart was overwhelmed with sadness.

Despite popular belief, cats may be just as loving as dogs and other animals, as the following tale from petsdailynews demonstrates.

Many people have been brought to tears by the vision of a mother cat burying her still-alive kitten as a punishment for human wrongdoing. Tհҽ motհҽr cat used her paw to press tհҽ soil on tհҽ grave of her sad kid.

The author of the piece suggests that readers treat animals with more compassion so that they, in turn, treat humans with more kindness. In what way are we flawed? She said that the mother cat was expecting and needed a safe spot to give birth.


Do not speak to or harass tm like they are human. If they are hungry, feed them; it won’t harm you. Social media fans were shocked by the “human” behavior of the mother cat with the cat cub in the video above.

The poor cat was kicked by passers-by as it wandered the street.

Helping a cat take a relaxing shower let me see how many ticks and fleas it had picked up along the way.