Heartwarming Love: A man raises two children with his crippled wife, vowing to take care of her throughout her life (Video).

He is a resident of Meeti in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was when he was in Bolivia that he met his future wife. We refer to her as Faraja Modeloir.

Amai had a fully normal and faithful wife before they were married. However, why did he abandon her in order to marry Faraja?

His relatives deemed him insane for leaving a typical woman to wed a crippled person. This, then, is their tale. Since Amaſi was born in 1995, he is now 27 years old.

Today is Faradjah’s 21st birthday. From the beginning, he was wed. How they came to be together
He said that despite not being crippled at all, he had a normal and beautiful wife, and they would argue almost every time they were together.

They hardly agreed on anything. Amaſi and his spouse resided close to the Farage family. Amaſi was always at ease when he was in his house, for some reason.

The poor famished cat died by the side of the road, reduced to skin and bones, and then unexpectedly made a full recovery.

He looks like a 70-year-old man with wrinkled skin, and his appearance when he mates will wow you.