People Are Loving This Bengal Cat’s Adventures With Its Hedgehog Best Friend.

Cats making friendships with creatures other than their own kind are unusual. However, miracles do occur from time to time, and the most improbable friendships emerge from these circumstances.

A magnificent Bengal cat named Aundree and a small hedgehog named Herbee are breaking all boundaries by being best friends,

winning the internet’s hearts with their amazing sweetness. Mr. Pokee’s pets, Aundree and Herbee, live in Germany with their pet mom Talitha Girnus.

Talitha is an avid traveler, and her pets are her constant companions. She takes pictures of these gorgeous best buddies wherever she goes and posts them on Instagram and Facebook.

This kitty’s friendship with the hedgehog is quite astonishing. They can’t stand being apart and are always following each other.

While no one is present, a camera captures a cat comforting his anxious brother.

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