An abandoned mother cat walks up to the rescuers and leads them to her three helpless kittens.

A mother’s intuition can’t be compared to anything else. A mother, whether it human or animal, will do whatever in her ability to protect and preserve her young.

When a stray cat in New South Wales, Australia, recognized she needed help, she did just that.

In addition to her work, she was also extraordinarily fortunate and was intended to be rescued. The mother stray cat and her three kittens were located in a precarious location on the side of the road.

Lucky for the cat and her babies, a kind passer-by saw them and called CatRescue 901. The rescuers came in a flash and were prepared for the cat to flee in terror, but they were struck speechless when the opposite happened.

a picture of a tricolored stray cat that came up to the rescuers
Bravely, the mother cat approached the rescuers, and she cautiously led them to her three rescued babies. What they said was:

A cat sits patiently for weeks on a bench, waiting for someone to stop for him.

The tiny kitten’s trip was painful; without tears and tiredness, his body appeared like a moving skeleton.