A brave rescuer returns to reunite a bobtail kitten with her brother after saving her life.

The healthier of the two kittens, Snowdrop, was brought to Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland, where her foster parent was immediately found

After getting her brother Mistletoe, the caretaker returned. He discovered how ill the cat was when he found him, and one of his eyes was crusted shut.

He needed to have one of our employees look after him around-the-clock. He arrived at our place quite sluggish, with parasites and an eye illness.

Because he is too adorable to resist giving a kiss, we called him Mistletoe, Love Meow’s Brianna Grant said.

The mistletoe was just in time to be preserved. As they worked to restore his health, his sister became used to living inside.

After a brave highway rescue, a magnificent cat captures people’s hearts with her indomitable spirit and embraces a life of pleasure.

A playful kitten named “Wink” was found among Christmas decorations and saved by a kindhearted person.