A lady finds a mystery box in her garden and is shocked by what she finds inside.

“Kitten season,” when shelters see an influx of kittens, is presently upon us. Therefore, it is not surprising that more kittens are given up for adoption at this time of year.

The Paris Animal Shelter in Texas was taken aback when a lady brought in a package containing 39 small kittens. The lady said that she found the kittens while doing yard work and brought them inside.

The health and age of the kittens ranged from three to eight weeks. Some of them were surprisingly robust in health, while others were malnourished, dehydrated, flea-ridden, and sick with diarrhea.

The shelter’s employees were stretched thin by the sudden arrival of 39 newborn kittens, but they sprang right in to assist.

A stray kitten and her siblings found a home with a farming family.

A lady hears little squeaks coming from the woods and discovers the cutest little face.