Her aggressive face made someone assault her, breaking her leg, and forcing her to run after us while pleading for aid.

A glimmer of optimism appeared in front of the busy retail center during the calm morning. There, among the tumult of the city,

we found a frail spirit that had been left behind. This courageous cat, who seemed oblivious to our presence, came up to us and nudged our hands tenderly, as if he was asking for comfort.

This cat was sent toward us by fate, which had skillfully interwoven its complex webs, to seek safety and assistance.

Its skeletal structure and ferocious expression conveyed stories of a life fought against the harsh reality of the streets.

Its fur, which was tangled and spotty, was a reflection of the suffering it had gone through; every strand bore evidence to many battles for existence.

In icy, murky waters, a homeless kitten clings to hope and waits for rescue.

A lost kitten, unsure about its destiny and with no idea where it will wind up. But fortune has been on its side.