Her purple fur concealed a sinister backstory that her owner brought for her to be put down (Video)

Upon seeing Violet, a little puppy with several bite wounds and purple hair, Dr. Karri, an experienced veterinarian at the “Vet Ranch” animal clinic, was very horrified. Violet’s owner claims that when she sent her over for euthanasia, a bigger dog attacked her.

Violet’s owner said that a purple wound spray that was sprayed to her shortly after she was mauled caused her purple fur.

However, because to medical incompetence, Violet’s wounds continued to fester for weeks, putting her in danger of dying.

Dr. Karri takes us through Violet’s rigorous medical therapy in this educational video. Violet’s recuperation was difficult since the veterinarian had to treat

her several infections and abscesses with powerful painkillers and medications. After 12 days of careful monitoring, Violet has finally progressed beyond the septic stage!

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The fact that someone remembers his birthday makes the little puppy very happy. administrator