An abandoned pit bull is nursed back to health by a woman, who undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis herself.

Tara may never know how long the puppy had been abandoned in the apartment before she found her, but she was certainly there at the right moment.

The adorable pit bull weighed 25 pounds and was definitely knocking at death’s door. But even in her state, she was full of love for everyone around her.

The unfortunate dog was discovered by a visitor who had come to replace the locks. They quickly reached out to Tara and eventually prevented Daenerys’ death. Tara immediately set to work tending to Daenerys when she was released from captivity.

The dog’s apparent need for affection was something she picked up on straight immediately.

She didn’t seem afraid of any of us, despite what we looked like, Tara said. Despite common belief, she never snarled at anybody. Never give an inch. Try not to be timid. When scratched, she would lean in for more.

The sound of a puppy barking in the mud interrupts a bachelor party and turns it into a once-in-a-lifetime rescue attempt.

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