A rare cat has been seen on Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Scientists on a journey to the summit of Everest made a remarkable discovery: the elusive Pallas’s cats have been confirmed as permanent residents of the mountain.

It wasn’t until 2019 that a field crew made the fascinating discovery that at least two of these uncommon cats, also known as manuls, occupy the

Southern Flank of Mount Everest. This finding is very important for scientists and environmentalists all across the globe, and it also provides great joy to anybody who appreciates the cuteness of these elusive felines.

Shutterstock/Radovan Zierik Pallas’s cats have a size resemblance with regular domestic cats, although they display fascinating peculiarities.

They seem like cute, chubby stuffed animals because of their short legs and dense hair. Their bulk is mostly due to their insulating hair, which shields them from the extreme cold, thus they are smaller and lighter than they look.

Mom cat coaxes the kittens out of the nest so they may nurse and play with the other young animals.

The poor cat was kicked by passers-by as it wandered the street.