Puppy screams and asks passersby to help him wake up in an attempt to wake up his companion.

Even if what the dog did for your buddy had nothing to do with you, there are certain things that just sort of crush your heart.

They are devoted to all living beings that have earned their love and respect, and they strive to stay true to one other until the very end.

a tale of two meadowlark pups who, after connecting on a hidden social networking site, were found on an adult tree.

Even though the owner of the dog knew that his friend was in serious danger and needed help immediately, he insisted on staying at the dog’s side.

In a moment, the white dog may start whining as it laments the death of a companion.

Rescue dog, a “hero,” rescued his teenage owner from a rattlesnake assault.

A 30-year-old Bobi dog that has lived the longest in history has recently broken the record.