An elderly deaf dog cries out to people to take him home after spending 653 days at a shelter.

The touching story of Snoopy, an aging dog who is almost deaf, touches people’s hearts. Snoopy’s narrative, despite spending 653 days in a shelter, demonstrates a dog’s unwavering yearning for a caring home.

Julie, a graphic designer from the state of Washington, tells us the Snoopy tale.
She works as a volunteer at Snoopy’s home, the Ben Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick.

She has bonded closely with Snoopy over the last two years, sharing a journey filled with setbacks and little triumphs.

When Snoopy was turned over to the shelter, his adventure officially started. He was identified as having Cushing’s Disease almost a year ago, which has affected his hearing and eyesight.

Snoopy is almost completely deaf, but his enthusiasm never dies. He appears to find solace in his practice of sucking on toys and blankets in his kennel on a regular basis.

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