An Amazing Journey: The Touching Story of a Half-Human, Half-Frog Heart

A new neighbor in India has just been diagnosed with a condition in which the heart is externalized from the chest.Experts say that this baby’s contagious illness is rather common, affecting just around eight percent of the world’s population.

Ninety percent of babies born with ectopic hearts died either right away or within the first three days. But a miracle happened when this ifa spent its last days on Earth in peak condition.

Sυrgery was done oп the iпfaпt.An additional head develops in the abdomen in the new breed of ifat; another ifat was delivered in Ida with a perfectly healthy body and a normal sized head.

She gained around 2 kilograms of weight and a little amount of abdominal fat when she was a baby. According to the medical community, these parasitic twins are known as Hetropags.

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