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The sweet moment when a youngster says things like, “Mom, I’ll study so I can return it tomorrow,” perfectly captures the role of parents as mentors and the necessity of responsibility in a child’s life.

These words said by a kid to their mother carry the weight of a promise and the assurance that the youngster will do what they say they will do. It represents parental teachings that regard

education highly and inculcate in their children a feeling of responsibility to do well in school. NhuY In this simple yet meaningful phrase, the youngster is vowing to devote all of their attention,

energy, and concentration to their schoolwork. It’s a proclamation that mirrors the advice given by parents: make the most of the chances presented to you via formal education.

A mother’s pride and sense of security might be bolstered by hearing such words from her kid. That her kid is willing to take charge of their own education and recognizes the worth of the sacrifices

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