The Indelible First Time Your Child Says, “I Love You, Mom”NhuY

The words we use have profound effects on our daily lives. They have an impact on how we see the world from the time we are very young. As a baby’s first experience with the world, the introduction of language represents a watershed event in their growth and development.


When a parent says, “I love you, my child,” they are expressing an enormous amount of affection. It’s more than just words; it expresses the heartfelt feelings of a parent in spoken form.

When a mother says these words to her child for the first time, she is forming a qe link with her child. Awareness of one’s environment and the people in it develops with a baby’s growing cognitive

abilities. Most infants and young children associate the sound of their mother’s voice with security and familiarity. This acknowledgment helps people feel safe and trusted.

Babies learn to associate the comforting tones of their mother’s voice with the phrases “I love you, my child” It becomes a comforting reminder, laying the groundwork for a lifelong bond of love.

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In a safe and caring haven, two orphaned kittens find comfort and grow into happy ginger cats, exemplifying the life-altering effects of a secure and supportive environment.