A sick dog, brutally labeled a “werewolf,” received no help until an appeal was made, underscoring the importance of spreading awareness and campaigning for animals in need.

He appeared to be a terrible, odd, decrepit werewolf living on the side of the road, with a mane of patchy fur, a skeleton frame, and a nubby pink tail.

Nobody near the orchard in Madera Ranchos, California, seemed to care what kind of animal he was, or if they did, they weren’t interested in assisting.

That is, until a woman observed him and sent him a plea on Facebook. Megan Bowe, a dog rescuer, intervened after dog owner YB Rivlores posted many images of the animal.

The owner of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups knew from the photographs that the German Shepherd was close to death, but she didn’t realize how bad he was until she arrived to save him. He couldn’t even stand.

A week after their family dog went missing, they spotted him in a storm drain, encapsulating the relief and joy of a reunion after a terrifying period of uncertainty.

Tootsie Pop and her six puppies were discovered in an almost collapsed house. You won’t believe what happens when we return to the shelter since she’s a protective mother.