Watch in awe as a homeless cat’s eyes open for the first time in months, showing a beauty that has everyone in awe.

Cotton, the cat, was found malnourished and sick on the streets. It was almost hard for him to obtain food when mange had scabbed over his eyes and mites were devouring him from the inside out.

His angel of protection appeared, however. It shattered the heart of Animal Friends Project Inc.’s founder, Carmen Weinberg, who took him in right away.

Carmen told The Dodo that the man’s condition was so dire that “he couldn’t even see or open his eyes because the mites were so bad.” It was terrifying for him to be out there in the dark.

He was completely alone and very emaciated because he couldn’t locate food.”After giving Cotton a thorough bath,

Carmen nursed him back to health with nourishing foods and a regimen of lotions, coconut oil, and several medications to treat his mange. “We could just see his tense body starting to relax as the days passed,” she added. He could sleep without constantly itching.

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