After nine years of living outside in the cold, the tri-legged stray cat got his very own fireplace.

Recently, we ran onto a heartbreaking phrase that truly expresses the spirit of saving dogs: it’s a perfect combination of 50% grief and 50% relief.

Anyone who has seen the hardship of homeless or abandoned pets may relate to this emotion. The first time you see one of these poor dogs, your heart breaks for it and you feel an overwhelming want to help.

The positive side of this equation, however, offers much comfort and optimism. You know you’ve done good when you see a dog that was once lost and alone find a forever home with a caring family.

This article explores one such inspiring rescue story, in which a dog just avoided being put to death because to the kindness of a kind stranger.

Cat at the shelter dances for visitors in the hopes that someone will pet him.

K-9 Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony