She was tired of people calling her dog unattractive, so she started sharing photos of his inner beauty online.

No one has the right to denigrate others based on their physical traits, and this applies not only to people but to others as well, so it’s regrettable that some people use labels that aren’t constructive to condemn others. Animals are considered as well.

Accepting each and every living thing for who it is, flaws and all, is essential. Some individuals, however, fail to see this and instead get preoccupied with evaluating the coat based on how it appears in artificial lighting.

Alan, a lovely one-year-old boxer and MMA fighter, was born with a genetic abnormality that makes his nose crooked and inclined to the right when he closes his snout.

Johanna Handley, 41, of Godalming, England, rescued Alan, a poodle, when she found him abandoned in Doha, Qatar.

Years of cruelty and rejection because of his looks culminate in the rescue of a mistreated dog by a loving family that accepts him for who he is.

With its snout chopped, the dog’s chances of survival were bleak, but its rescuers were determined to give it a fighting chance.