K-9 Puppy Slept Through the Whole Inauguration Process

A young chocolate Labrador called Brody set off on his adventure as the newest member of the Bristol Police Department on a momentous day in Bristol, Rhode Island.

His formal swearing-in ceremony took place on April 6, 2020, which was an important occasion for any new member of the community.

But as fortune would have it, Brody’s wedding took place on a Monday—a day notorious for difficulties. While he was obviously excited to begin his new job,

Brody seemed to be prioritizing getting some much-needed rest that day. This 12-week-old puppy slept through the whole swearing-in ceremony, so Officer Keith Medeiros,

his partner, took his place. The ceremony swiftly gained viral popularity after being broadcast live on the official Facebook page of the Bristol, Rhode Island Police Department.

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