Officer Says Final Goodbye To K9 Dog Axel, His Partner And Pet

K9 canines are an indispensable part of the police force and do an exceptional job of saving lives and ensuring the safety of their communities, placing their lives at risk alongside their human

companions.These canines become valued members of any police force, but their relationship with their handlers is the most significant.

They are not only companions on the job, safeguarding one another in the line of duty, but also comrades outside of work: the majority of handlers retain their canines as pets.

This was the case for Officer Decristoforo and his K9 partner Axel of the Central Falls Police Department. Sadly, the police dog passed away recently…

A devastating photograph illustrates the officer’s grief over the loss. Axel passed away last month, having retired from the police force only a few years prior.He was adopted by his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was residing.

A police officer observes a dog chained outside in the rain and promises to adopt him.I Want

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