A Hidden Treasure in the Backyard: A Kitten and Its Distinct Siblings Exhibit the Tenacity to Thrive

The resident contacted Orphan feline Club, a San Diego County, California-based feline rehabilitation organization. Orphan Kitten Club’s Satellite Nursery Coordinator, Yige, told Love Meow,

“When I heard the kittens were only a few hours old and had been orphaned, I headed there immediately to pick them up.” “They were discovered outside as premature infants, and their mother fled after giving birth.”

One of the puppies was significantly smaller than the others in the litter. He was extremely emaciated, frail, and icy to the touch. Yige placed him promptly on a heating device and placed her palms on his body to warm him.

“I spent approximately twenty minutes warming him up in my car before I felt comfortable driving him home. The most essential factor for a neonatal feline is warmth.”

A kitten that was initially no bigger than a remote control has grown into a full-grown lap cat who is effusive with affection.

Kittens Find Loving Families and Select Each Lap for Precious Naps.