Black cat Willy invites a shaky kitten into his home.

The dedicated owners of Willy, Mandy and Phillip, say they had to make major changes in their lifestyle to ensure that Willy was always happy and comfortable. As they see it:

“Willie did transform our world. So full of life in spite of his handicap that it was well worth the effort to adapt to him.

Mandy had told them that Willy had a tough time finding an adoptive family when they first met him. Not only did he suffer from cerebellar hypoplasia—a disease

that typically causes black cats to be disregarded at shelters—but he also had black hair. A neurological disorder that inhibits a cat’s mental growth. The VCA hospitals say:

“The most common symptoms are mild head tremors and/or intention tremors, as well as jerky or uncoordinated walking,

After being shot, the poor cat couldn’t get up, and now look at him!

They hire a pregnant stray cat who has decided to have her kittens in the police station.