The kind cat overcomes all obstacles with undying devotion and provides foster kittens with crucial support and care!

A once-alone tiny kitten discovered roaming the streets has developed into the ideal foster kitten role model. Please welcome Pokey, also known as PokeyPotPie to his permanent parents.

In the summer, he was discovered by himself, avoiding the terribly deceased, with no mother in sight. The 3-week-old kitten was brought to

the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where they started the process of finding him a foster home. Jan hurried to the shelter to pick up the filthy, underweight, and hungry kitten when

she and Ian, his foster parents, saw him. In addition to having worms and being coated in fleas, Baby Pokey also had a serious respiratory ailment.

They had no idea that this, their tenth foster kitty, would permanently alter their lives. Pokey bonded with his adoptive mother Jan right away, and he would weep uncontrollably if she held him

After a near-death encounter, Moo, the frail kitten, finds a strong foster mother who never gave up.

Good-hearted ladies gave a one-eyed blind cat who had health problems a lovely permanent home and continued assistance after rescuing and adopting her.