Now, a two-faced kitty found within a wall is cozy with a loving, large family.

A brother and a cute little two-faced kitty were discovered within a wall. They now have a large cat family to adore.

While doing some renovations in their house, a Nashville, Tennessee family discovered two little kittens nestled in a wall. They chose to wait for the mother cat to return since they thought she could be nearby.

There was still no indication of a mother cat some hours later. The kitties were in severe need of foster care and were quite hungry. The family inquired about being able to take them with Nashville Cat Rescue.

The kittens were just two or three weeks old. They might do better with a nursing cat mother at their age. When Kiki, a volunteer foster for the rescue, heard about their situation, she volunteered to assist right away.

Olive and Pickle, two of her cat parents, were saved from a colony of cats. They were perfect candidates to parent the new kids, having just given birth to kittens.

A cat, waiting patiently for her ideal home, wants to attract the attention of good-hearted people with her enchanting grin.

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