This is the touching tale of a stray cat that helps calm a lost puppy after its owners leave it.

This little puppy had to learn to survive on his own after his owners were forced to abandon him. The lost and bewildered dog was trapped in front of the house where he had formerly lived,

waiting for his folks to come home. Thankfully, he discovered the solace he sought in a stray cat, and his tragic tale was saved by a joyful conclusion!

This cute puppy’s previous owners had to move to a senior care facility because of illness. Their dog was abandoned and became a stray when they could no longer care for him. For nearly six months,

the devoted animal waited for his loved ones without food, drink, or a safe place to sleep. But at least, he found consolation in a stray cat, and it was more than enough for him to manage it!

Video of the sympathetic cat comforting the bewildered dog is touching. She can be seen putting her small paws over the puppy’s neck exactly like she’s supporting

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After the accident, the mother cat was left on the side of the road, her cubs were scared and crying