Dog Who Was Abandoned And Left In A Doghouse Is Happy To See His New Mother

Owning a dog entails a great deal of responsibility; in return for the steadfast company of a faithful pet, you must provide continual care and attention.

It’s a profession that requires dedication and patience, therefore not everyone is suited for it. Adopting a dog is not something to be considered lightly by those who are not devoted to taking care of their animal friends.

We explore the heartbreaking case of a dog that was mercilessly imprisoned within a doghouse after being abandoned by his previous owners.

Bo was in terrible shape when he was initially found by Oklahoma-based Street Dog Rescue. He was suffering from many health problems that his former caretakers had neglected.

Bo had been cruelly abandoned in a doghouse and had lived alone and in neglect ever since. One of the kindhearted rescuers

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